Gemba Walk Example 1

​Example 1​

1. Automate common
Kire creates automation scripts when sees recurring common requests (e.g. Tag a VM). Scripts are then disposed to shared VM and can be used by other team ICs
Coach all ICs to watch out for recurring cases, automate those and share with the team. Improves both: 1. Quality - FTAR +6% improvement through addressing IC mistakes (25% FTAR Failure Types) 2. Productivity +85.5% (see 2x Productivity Tools)​
​Incoming ticket​
​Script automation​
2. Focus
Tarik: - keeps focused​
Sushil: - frequent app switching (ex1, ex2)
- chaotic activity switching​
Engage and coach ICs to stay focused on task execution. (e.g. set email reading timeslots, disable chat notifications, avoid task/window switching). Can improve FTAR by up to 5.99%​
Let ICs know there’s a direct dependency between focus and quality​
- frequent app switching (ex1, ex2)
3. Two screens
Dan uses two active windows.
One - for task requirements
Second - for task execution
Sushil is the only IC in the team using a single screen and switching between task definition and execution windows
Engage Sushil to use 2-screens approach
This will result in less context switch. Higher focus can improve FTAR by up to 5.99%​
Top performers
​ex1, ex2, ex3​
Bottom performer


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Example 1