Daily Check-In Chats - Good Example 1

Status & driving question(s)
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  • 37/50 completed Check-In Chats this week
  • Driving questions during CiCs: “How many articles, which you wrote or reviewed, passed QA yesterday, without being returned for revision? What major issues did they contain? How can we eliminate those same issues when they occur in the future?”
Top 3 insights and actions:
Insight 1: Based on our metrics, our output quality is insufficient. The Internal Quality Bar has been neither set, nor enforced. Our actual FTAR=60% (see calculation).
Action 1: In an effort to increase FTAR to 100%, we’ll introduce and enforce the Internal QB for every article produced by the team.
Insight 2: Duplicate KB articles account for 9.5% of FTAR violations. The cause of the duplication is rooted in ICs arbitrarily selecting which articles they’ll create.
Action 2: In an effort to eliminate duplicate articles (FTAR+9.51%), increase performance, and decrease in-process switch time, we’ll modify the playbook to include the input tokenizing phase. ICs who utilize tokenization yield higher performance than ICs who select topics arbitrarily (Kushal Dasgupta vs Mayuri Shelukar).
Insight 3: The FTAR decreased 7.22% (3.35% from unclear articles, and 3.87% from invalid links) as a result of Zendesk requirements for the manual handling some HTML-related issues, including copying data from external sources, adding a table border, or ensuring consistent accuracy of relative/absolute URLs. In addition to lowering the FTAR, such manual handling requirements increased the required technical knowledge needed by ICs.
Action 3: To maintain an FTAR +7.22%, we’ll integrate a ZenDesk plugin to ensure QA standards for article content inside the editor.