What Makes RemoteU Different?

There are a lot of online classes. There are a lot of management classes. So what makes RemoteU different?
RemoteU is the only course where students manage a real remote team. RemoteU is the hardest class you'll ever take in your life and you will return to being an expert in your domain.

1. In the Trenches

The in-office corporate world teaches managers that micromanaging is bad. As a result, managers slowly distance themselves from the micro-level work as they move up in leadership. The more senior you become, the less connected you are to the work that gets done in the trenches. The more senior you become, the more your analysis and decision data becomes a higher level.
RemoteU is the opposite.
We teach senior managers to personally evaluate the quality of the most granular units of work their team produces. We teach senior managers to personally produce units of work. RemoteU teaches managers to look for insights into the minutia. RemoteU takes senior managers from the clouds and puts them back in the trenches. And they like it.

2. Challenge

Most management classes aren't really that hard. They may push you a bit but they can be mastered without breaking a sweat. Not so with RemoteU. It will be the hardest class - either in a school or professional environment - you've ever taken. Period.
Our coaching philosophy is also unique. Coaching quality can be evaluated on two vectors: support and challenge. 90% of coaches are an 8/9 on support and a 3/4 on the challenge. Our coaches are a 10 on support and a 10 on the challenge. Our coaches will push you to accomplish things you previously thought were too aggressive.

3. Active Learning

What's a new skill you recently learned? How did you learn it?
We'd be willing to bet that you learned it by doing, or practicing, the skill. It's unlikely you read some books, watched some videos and then knew how to do it. So if you want to learn how to manage people within the new remote-first paradigm, we believe it has to be the same way - through experience.
But the existing management courses lack exactly this. Even the best ones are simply collections of chapters to read and videos to watch. Now, some of the available content within these courses is not bad. But it's just content sitting there waiting for you to consume it. These classes may advertise "real-world exercises" but what they really are is PDF templates that you need to fill in. We know because we've enrolled in these courses and experienced it. My favorite example is one course which, during the lesson on how to have great 1:1's, ask students to fill in a PDF worksheet with the questions: "After this class, how will you hold your 1:1's differently?
RemoteU is based on active learning. It's very simple. We teach you how to manage people remotely by having you manage a real team remotely.
Examples of remote management classes:

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