How to translate calendar into the Crossover Activities App

1. Based on your top performer goal, set your team’s goal (42 calls in our example)

2. Calculate the number of minutes per activity given the goal

42 calls * 30 min/call = 1260 min/week of calls
42 calls * 10 min/call = 420 min/week of follow up etc.

3. Convert the weekly calendar into a daily view

4. Upload the calendar into the Crossover Activity App

Step 1: Transfer your calendar into Crossover
Now that you have created your calendar, you can move it into the WorkSmart tool which will automatically measure each IC’s calendar alignment. Log into Worksmart → select the activities app (ensure you are on the ‘Percentage’ and Chart view) → click ‘Time Mode’
Now you will be able to recreate and save your new calendar in the WorkSmart app. Note: you may need to do some math to break down your calendar into daily granularity. As you build your calendar in the WorkSmart app, remember that Deep Work is best. Schedule 2-hour blocks if possible. Constant task switching kills productivity.
Step 2: Create Custom Activities
WorkSmart has preset activities but you likely will have activities that do not exist in the list. For these types of activities, you need to create a new activity in WorkSmart and add the correct applications to the activity category.
Step 3: Re-categorize Applications to Activities
WorkSmart also has preset application to activity mapping that you may need to re-categorize. Google Docs is in the ‘Office Category’ but you may need it to be in the ‘Writing KB Articles’ activity. To get to this view below, go back to the ‘Percentage’ view and click on top of one of the colored blocks.
Step 4: Clean up ‘Other’
Once you save a new calendar to the WorkSmart tool, you will notice unrecognized time labeled as ‘Other’. Do not be alarmed if it is initially a large percentage of the time because you’ll fix it quickly. Click on the colored blocked titles ‘Other’:
WorkSmart will automatically apply these changes to all previous and future ‘Activities’ calculations
Step 5: Measure and Enforce
Now that you’ve established your calendar, it’s time to recap the value from this entire exercise. You do this by identifying opportunities to help ICs spend their time more efficiently. Luckily, WorkSmart does all the hard work - you just have to observe the data and coach your ICs. Once you have your calendar in WorkSmart, you will notice a % number below each IC’s picture. This number is an alignment score - think of it as ‘how well did this IC follow the calendar’. When an IC has a particularly high or low calendar score, dive deep into the details below.