Daily Check in Chats - Good Example 2

Example 2: Eng.Feature

Status & driving question(s)
  • Link to manager's worksheet
  • 24/32 (75%) many Check In Chats completed
  • Driving questions during CICs: “Are your Verification FTAR and Code Review FTAR 100%? If NOT, What specific actions will you take to address the gap?”
    • If you’re not at 100% for Verification and Code Review, are you on track? If NOT, are your obstacles, and how will you overcome them?”
Top 3 insights and actions:
Insight 1: Code Review FTAR fails to reach 100% due to a critical bottleneck in Product Chief Architect(PCA) capacity. Specifically, seven ICs are able to access only one PCA.
Action 1: In an effort to improve the quality of the review requests reaching the PCA, and to improve the PCA Code Review FTAR by 7.5%, we will implement the EQB Implementation Plan by establishing the Eng.Feature.QE team. This will throttle the input levels for PCA as the new IQBs pass only 47% of the PRs.
Insight 2: The team currently relies on peer-reviews and self-review the complete the 5-Point Code Review Checklist prior to submitting implementations for PCA Code Review
Action 2: In an effort to improve improve PCA Code Review FTAR by 7.5%, we’ll roll out a new Internal QB “Implementation Review Complete” to track quality across implementations.
Insight 3: Check-In Chat status of “OnTrack - 93%” is misrepresenting the lower values of PCA CodeReview FTAR of 93% and a T4W Avg productivity of 51%.
Action 3: In an effort to improve the Code Review FTAR% by 23%, we’ll align the Check-In Chat status to enable the SEM to make corrective actions and avoid repeating incidents such as “Lack of PCA engagement.”