Gemba Walk Example 3

​Example 3​

Support is provided from Skype and not from within the ticketing system. This is bad since this type of communication is not monitored, documented, etc.
Enforce the new InternalQB which streamlines communication using JIRA taking away the need to use Skype, Slack etc.
Tool : JIRA produces too many notification emails that swamp the inbox.
Fix JIRA notification email setup.
IC should spend their time in JIRA not in the inbox
Top performer : 0 time cards in which Skype takes the whole screen space
Bottom performer : 25% of time cards in which Skype takes the whole screen space. Many times he is not even part of the conversation.
Note : Screenshot are for one day but this finding was true for all the days in the week. Low performer uses full screen skype much more than high performer
In my new Calendar, Skype time is reduced significantly as this is (a) not aligned with the internalQB and (b) it is a distraction
​Top Performer​
​Low performer​
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