Curriculum README

Welcome to Manager RemoteU!
Welcome to Manager RemoteU! We are excited to have you and cannot wait to teach you everything we know about managing talent in a remote-first world.
🙋 If you are considering the program: feel free to skim the entire curriculum but you will probably benefit most from the "Background and Context" section.
🙋 If you are enrolled in the course and completing the pre-work: you will need to read (and watch) the entire curriculum before you officially begin the course. We've learned that students gain so much more from RemoteU when they start the course with an academic understanding of the material. In order to begin, you're required to score 100% on each of the quizzes. (You can ignore the refresh quizzes for now.)
🙋 If you have already begun the course: please complete each day's readings, examples, videos, and application projects. Before you submit each deliverable, please ensure you have scored 100% on the refresh quiz.

Curriculum Structure

For each day of the course, you will find a README page (in the left navigation pane) which outlines what you need to complete for that day.
Most README pages include readings, videos, quizzes, good/bad examples, and application projects. README pages are generally structured like the following:


  • 📖 Reading 1
  • 📖 Reading 2
  • 📖 Reading 3

Great Examples (Be Like This)

  • 🏆 Great Example 1
  • 🏆 Great Example 2
  • 🏆 Great Example 3

Bad Examples (Don't Be Like This)

  • 👎Bad Example 1


  • 📺 Video 1
  • 📺 Video 2


  • ✏️ Quiz
  • ✏️ Refresh Quiz

Application Project

  • 🔨Application Project 1
  • 🔨Application Project 2